Geek Gift Guide 2023

Posted by Colin on Sun, Dec 3, 2023

Christmas is fast approaching and if you have a special geek in your life you will know the pain of trying to find something to get for them. Or maybe you are a geek yourself and just don’t know what to treat yourself with!

Fear not, as we have compiled a Geek Gift Guide to cover a wide range of nerdy needs at lots of different prices. So what are you waiting for? Treat yo-self!

3D Printing

3D printing has really taken off over the last decade, and in the last year or two the cost of entry has come down massively. I managed to pick up a Creality Ender V3 SE printer and 4 rolls of filament for just £220! I have had so much fun already making little trinkets for people and learning 3D design, it really is a fantastic gift.

3D Printer

The Creality Ender V3 SE is a great beginner printer. Very capable, decent size and has an auto-levelling feature which takes a lot of the pain and complexity out of 3D printing.

Digital Calipers

A set of digital calipers is super handy if you are trying to measure an existing part you want to clone in 3D. I recently used mine to get accurate measurements of an ornament that kept falling over, in order to make a little stand for it. They are indispensable and fairly cheap.

3D Printing Toolkit

This little toolkit comes with all manner of tools that will come in useful if you have a filament-based printer. Most of the tools are used for cleaning up the print when it is done and for maintaining the printer itself.


Geeks love to read. And there are so many options in this area. Geeky joke books, interesting science books, biographies on famous nerds. Huge selection out there but here are a few that piqued my interest!

101 Jokes for grammar nerds

I have to admit to being a bit of a “grammar Nazi” at times.

Bonus joke: How do you console an English teacher? There, Their, They’re

Interesting Facts for Curious Minds

My son loves this one. Even the most well-read geek will find something new in this book!

Why do we say that? 101 Idioms, Phrases, Sayings and Facts!

Great little book on the etymology of many phrases and sayings. Another one for the English teacher in your life!

Science toys

These are amazing. Some can be expensive and they can take up a bit of desk space, but they are JUST SO COOL! I have listed a few of my favourites but you can also see a larger collection on

Ferro fluid bluetooth speaker

OK this is amazing. Connect your phone to this bluetooth speaker and it will pulse a magnet in time with the music, causing a floating blob of ferromagnetic fluid to “dance” in the little window. Totally mesmerising and also slightly evil? It reminds me of many bad things in Sci-Fi!

Swinging sticks kinetic sculpture

This one demonstrates the nature of chaos. The sticks will thrash in a random fashion thanks to their connection and some magnets. Therapeutic!

Sand art toys

I have one of these on my desk and find it incredibly satisfying to watch. Never the same pattern twice and it frequently ends up looking like a beautiful alien landscape.

Cheap odds and ends

Cost of living crisis and all that. Or perhaps you are merely acquainted with the geek and don’t want to spend too much (office Secret Santa perhaps?). These little odds and sods will see you right.

SD Cards

Geeks always need SD Cards. Digital cameras, 3D printing or using with a Raspberry Pi, they will always have a need for some MicroSD cards. Get them a decent one!

USB Drive

Another useful tool, and this one is protected by fingerprint. They can encrypt all of their world domination plans with this handy little number. And when they do take over the world, you will be looked upon favourably for helping this mission.

Circuit Board Geeky Coasters

Simple but effective. If you have a rare geek that actually socialises with other humans, make their entertaining go smoothly with these awesome drinks coasters.

Multi tools!

Here are two cool options for a multi-tool. Having a multi tool on their person helps to calm a geek down, knowing that they can fix anything at a moments notice.

The first is a multi-tool hammer type thing, and the other is a James Bond / MacGvyer level multi tool pen!

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