Geeky stuff to do during lockdown

Posted by Colin on Sun, Mar 29, 2020

You can and should do these things all year round really, but perhaps especially so now.

Some of these may be UK specific. Just a few things that can help with staying at home for a few weeks.



App to access your local public library to borrow Audiobooks, eBooks and Digital Magazines, for free. All you need is your Library Card Number to sign up.


£7.99 a month for access to thousands of digital magazines. And access for up to 5 family members. I used to buy 3 or 4 print magazines at £6 each a month so this was a no brainer and I have found many more interesting magazines through it. Highly recommended

Audible Stories

Amazon have opened up their Stories Audiobook section for free streaming for the duration of the school closures. Great to entertain the kids and fun for home schooling phase. Some classics like Shakespeare in here too, so not just for kids.

Learn something


This is a fantastic YouTube channel of explainer videos. Beautifully animated and very clear. Set aside a few hours as these can be a rabbit hole for a curious mind!

YouTube EDU

So many free videos on almost any topic. Learn to program, learn to knit, anything you like. You have some time so make the most of it.

More Ideas

Here is a fantastic list of lifelong learning resources to browse through. Some brilliant stuff here, I could lock myself away for 6 months and still never get through everything that piques my interest!

Relax / Distract

See the International Space Station in your garden!

The ISS is making passes over the UK 21st March 2020 - 4th April 2020. The fantastic MeteorWatch website has a list of the timings here. They also provide alerts of passes on Twitter @VirtualAstro

You can see it on a clear night with the naked eye, no equipment required except perhaps a warm coat :)

Knowing there are people up there whizzing round the Earth at 17,000mph is super cool for adults, let alone children!

Portal - Focus, Sleep, Escape

We could all use a little calm at the moment. This app provides gorgeous visuals and soundscapes to drown out the noise or have a moment of peace. 4 free soundscapes and 18 more if you unlock for £3.99. I particularly enjoy the waves.


There are so many great games out there but this is a small selection of ones that I have enjoyed or that are free at the moment.

Alto’s Odyssey

Free during the pandemic. This is kind of like a snowboarding game but super arty and with a zen-like soundtrack. I find the free play mode so relaxing with headphones in. Did I mention it is currently free?

Monument Valley

Another beautiful game. Puzzle game with a relaxing soundtrack and stunning visuals and a feel good storyline. And it is free for a limited time so snap it up quickly!

Words with Friends

Scrabble for iOS and Android. Play turn based over an hour or a few days, whatever pace suits. Great for keeping social interaction with friends. Pro Tip: Qi is a word

Super Mario Run

Very simple runner game. My kids love this and the music will bring back happy memories for anyone who grew up in the 80s.

Any of the Angry Birds series

Another set of easy to play games which are fun for kids and adults alike.

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