Prime day deals 2023

Posted by Colin on Mon, Jul 10, 2023

11th and 12th July 2023

It is Prime Day again! If you are a techie like me this sale always has some gadgets you have been wanting but putting off. I am here to give you permission to treat yourself.

Here is a list of what I have found that interests me so far and I will add more as I spot them.

Be sure to check out the lightning deals section for some short-lived but massive discounts.

Ring Home Security

A lot of the Ring Home Security kit is up to 50% off for the next two days. Wirelessly connected, easily installed and with push notifications to your phone. You can set and unset the alarm from your phone too, from the comfort of your bed or even after you have left the house and realised you forgot to set it!

Fire HD Tablets

42% off!

The Fire HD Tablets are a great cheaper alternative to iPads. There are great parental controls too and kids specific devices that are rubberised to protect them from clusmy hands.

Alexa Devices

60% OFF!

We have these all over our house. Super handy in combination with smart home devices including the Ring security kit. Huge discounts on these over the sale!

Fire TV

Amazon have started including the Fire TV / Fire Stick functionality directly into TVs. Some good deals on these this week too.

They also have 40%+ off the Fire Stick 4k devices too.

Kindle eReaders for Kids

Kindles are my favourite way to read. They work perfectly in direct sunlight where an iPad would not and are thin, light and quite durable. A great way to get your kids into reading to have their own device filled with books and takes up much less space than all those books and they can bring their whole collection anywhere they go.

Having good Wi-Fi at home needs a decent mesh system. I use the TP-Link Deco kit at home and it has been flawless. Lots of TP-Link mesh systems on offer this week

Solid State Storage

Western Digital Blue SSD 52% off!

Solid state drives have come down in price a lot recently but another 50% off will do nicely. If you haven’t made the change to SSD, now is the time. The speed difference is incredible and completely changes how you use the computer.

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