I may be late to the party on this one but figured it was worth sharing just in case others have not come across it.

The website Boy Genius Report has a section that seems to be updated with a daily post detailing iPhone apps that have gone from being paid to free. There will occasionally be a few gems in here so it is worth keeping an eye on. Here are the steps I take to make the most of this.

  1. Subscribe in your RSS reader to just the app on sale tag by using the feed http://bgr.com/apps-on-sale/feed
  2. Each day check your RSS reader for useful apps that are now free
  3. Hop over to the Volume Purchase iTunes Store and grab a few hundred licences!

Last week we managed to get Chordology for free for the Music department and I am certain there will be other useful ones in the future. Even if you don’t use them for your iPad deployment you may find some personally useful ones.


By Colin

Serial tinkerer.

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